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Why donate?


Tolter are free and you are not required to pay anything. However, We, spent a lot of time and energy creating all those products, and always on my spare time. As with any activity you do on your spare time, there are some lows and highs in motivation. Receiving a donation, even a small one, is very motivating and rewarding for me. If you like a product and want its development to be continued, make a donation!


What will you do with my donation?

  • It will be used to pay the hosting of this website  first. It’s 380$ per 6 months.
  • Then, if I got enough, I will use it to pay my other websites hosting. It’s about 760$ per year.
  • Then the rest will be used by myself.

At this point, I received enough donations to pay the hosting of this website for a little more than 12 months.


How to show your support

There are several ways to show your support:

  • You can make a donation. If you decide to donate, well, thousands thanks! That is the greatest reward for us!
  • You can visit our sponsors if you are interested
  • Monetize your website with our partner Flag co
  • You can post comments and help to answer in the forum
  • You can give your suggestions and report issues
  • You can tell others about us

If you decide to make a donation, just use the “Donate” button in the top-right corner of the screen and follow the instructions. The donation process is entirely secure and managed by Payza (formerly AlertPay), a simple, reliable and efficient online payment system. It is very similar to Paypal. We do not use Paypal, do not plan to, and do not recommend them for any project since we had some issues with them (see the FAQ if you want to know why). Using Payza is safe, and you can even donate without creating an account. If you really don’t want to use Payza, get in touch with us for alternate donation ways.

After your donation is made, please contact us and tell us your name if you want to appear on the donator list.

In case you want a refund for your donation, we can refund a donation as long as it is still on our Payza account. Otherwise it will be too late.

We will try to keep updated the list of donators in the section below (if you prefer to be anonymous, you will be referred as “anonymous”).




Open a Payza account

Tolter uses Payza as its donation system. You can also open an Payza account to make payments on the Internet and use it for your business or association. Just click the link below and follow the instructions.



Q: Can you work on a specific product if I pay you?

A: Sure! Just contact us and we’ll find an agreement.

Q: Why don’t you use Paypal?

A: We do NOT use paypal, do NOT like Paypal and will NOT use Paypal anymore for anything. This is a definitive vow. Paypal froze our account since may 2010 without any explanation and all the tentatives to restore the account failed, although we had a verified Paypal account (verified credit cards and verified bank accounts). Paypal is arguing that the PDF files I send to them appear “blank” (how on Earth could this be possible? PDF files? Seriously?). They’re acting with bad faith. There is no dialogue possible with them, as I am not living in the same country as when I opened the account. We are not alone in this situation and it could happen to you also, anytime. Do not keep large amounts of money in your Paypal account, they can froze it up to 6 months before you can even take it back.

Several open-source organizations suffer from Paypal. See for example the case of the famous TortoiseSVN, the most used SVN client on Windows: http://tortoisesvn.net/howpaypalscrewsopensourceprojects.html(same problem as us, but they’re more famous so problem is solved…).

Tired to fight with the deaf support of Paypal, we switched to Payza with high hopes that they are a serious alternative to Paypal. And till now they fulfill this expectation very well.

Q: I want a refund! Is that possible?

A: Yes, as long as your money is still in our Payza account. Otherwise it will be too late, sorry! In case of refund, you will be removed from the list of donators.

Welcome to The American Flag Foundation Online Donations.


Welcome to The American Flag Foundation Online Donations page. 

Your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Here you can help support a variety of programs and educational resources by making secure online payments through Payza  -- the safest, easiest way to make an online donation, protecting your personal information, with no need to share your financial information.

You can choose a special program, or make a general donation to support all the educational programs.

Programs include:

  • The Living American Flag
  • The Pause for the Pledge of Allegiance - Flag Day
  • Star Spangled Banner Outreach
  • Educational Resources for Teachers and Students
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